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Support Your Local Girl Gang, 2019-2020

Tools: Fineliner, black pen, Adobe Photoshop

Used for: Sticker, shirt print

About the project: I had the idea for the drawing, when I noticed, that there are way less female crews in men dominated sports like snowboarding and skiing than male crews. I wish there were more female crews, riding and filming together, presenting the cool vibes of these sports in their point of view. So I created a fictional female crew, which can stand for real crews or can motivate to build real crews.

FIRST EDITION - 20.04.2019 - Together with my boyfriend I designed a shirt. He made a logo for the front and I made the drawing for the back. We printed it at the Closing Jig in Laax in front of Indy Bar. It was live and self made screen printing. People could bring their own shirts and we printed our designs on it. With the help of friends we printed around 30 shirts during this afternoon.

SECOND EDITION - 31.08.2019 - 31.01.2020 - We received very good feedback on the shirts, so I decided to create a second, more professional edition of the girl gang design. My goal was to make fairtrade and Oeko-Tex hoodies and sweaters. I wanted Pintura Peligrosa, a professional screen printing collective from Basel, to print them. So I launched a Kickstarter campaign to pre sell the hoodies and sweaters and to collect the money I needed to commission them. With the money I collected over Kickstarter I could commission the print of 60 pieces. Within half an year I sold them all and even got asked if I could make more.

THIRD EDITION - 31.03.2020 - 30.06.2020 - This is why I started a third edition of the girl gang print. Because I was so happy with the work of Pintura Peligrosa and the quality of the hoodies and sweaters, I commissioned the third edition there too. The only thing I changed, was the logo on the front. 

Also this campaign was very successful and we could print around 150 girl gang clothes.


There are still some left. Please write me an e-mail if you are interested in buying one.