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Tools: Fineliner, marker

Used for: Publication
Customer: HyperWerk HGK FHNW

About the project: This work documents the BA diploma exhibition 2018 at HyperWerk Institute of the University of Art and Design FHNW. At HyperWerk they do not focus on products but on processes of working, living, creating together. 
So this exhibition was about the processes itself. It was growing, students were living and sleeping in the exhibition, it was outside and not in a closed room, it was divided in «rooms» with red tape, there were some products like films, fotos, installations, drawings, sculptures shown, there were performances, events, concerts, dinners, workshops and public discussions going on, there was an own currency, the look of the exhibition changed every day, there was an own radio station, it was private home and public space at the same time, it was an experiment. 

Publicated as a poster in Jahrespublikation 2018
HyperWerk 2018 : ISBN 978-3-9525055-1-9
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Fotos by Domenic Emr