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Frauen* lieben Frauen*, 2018

Tools: Fineliner, marker, screen print
Used for: Poster, information sheet

Short description: Political hidden object drawing about love, queerness, social stereotypes and sexism

About the project: Within my BA thesis at the HyperWerk Institute of the University of Art and Design FHNW I was standing up for the visibility of queer women* including all persons who can identify with a female gender identity no matter of their biological sex. Together with concerned and interested people I discussed about gender identities, queerness, love, sexism, social stereotypes, patriarchy and being a woman* in our society. What was discussed I put into a hidden object drawing. To show different opinions about the subjects, I let people write comments and political demands right into my drawing.
To make all these votes visible and confront the society with it, I printed 800 posters with the drawing, the comments and some important facts, folded them and distributed them all over Basel.
At Luststreifen Film Festival Basel 2018 I presented the finalized the poster and the original plots with the collected comments. With the plots I invited visitors to add their own thoughts about the topics.

If your intrested in the full work, read my BA thesis here. ︎