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My Burg Is My Castle, 2018

Tools: Black pen, fineliner, marker

Used for: Poster
Customer: Hotel Regina ︎

About the project: The collective Hotel Regina conquered the public castle ruin Wartenberg at Muttenz, installed a solid door and occupied and revived it for almost four days. With it came actions like sending Morse codes through the night, announce the castle blessing through a megaphone at sunset, asking visitors if they are enemies, write mails to discuss the political power conditions in Basel with Roche or the church, cope with visits of the police or the president of the castle association and confer knighthoods on visiting children.

I joined them to document all these happenings in a hidden object drawing afterwards. My goal was to show all that happened on one sheet, to give viewers the freedom to make up their own story about it. During the stay at the castle, when asked why they do this, Hotel Regina used to avoid explaining by answering with confusing facts. I tried to do the same with the drawing. It just shows what happens without explaining anything.

Fotos by Dominik Dober