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Basel Nightlife, 2017

Tools: Black pen, wood, acrylic paint

Used for: Poster

About the project: In my temporary job as a barkeeper in the techno clubs Nordstern and Elysia in Basel during three years, I collected lots of impressions about the clubbing scene. I had time to study different fashion styles, the way DJs act, the behavior of people at the bar under the influence of different drugs and listened to lots of stories and problems of the clubbers. I liked this job a lot even if it was exhausting and unhealthy. In this hidden object drawing I tried to process all the outstanding impressions collected over the years compressed to an DIN A1 sheet.

The second part focuses more on the city at night with it’s bars, red light zone, concerts, fast food corners and traffic than on clubs. Like the first part it’s a collection of outstanding impressions about the behavior of people in the city at night, about styles and underground scenes.

For a exhibition at the HyperWerk Institute of the University of Art and Design FHNW I extracted some characters from both drawings and turned them into life-size wooden figures.